We have Clinical Psychologists with specific expertise in working with Military Trauma in terms of both specialist assessment and therapy services.

Seeking help for those who have been in the forces can be difficult and it is important that you feel understood and supported in engaging in the work required in order to help you move forwards. Taking a trauma-informed approach and helping you to cope with your mental health difficulties relating to your time in services, or indeed in terms of adjusting to life beyond this, we work to help you develop coping skills and strategies first and foremost with consideration of then progressing to a piece of trauma focused therapy if required. We use methods of therapy such as EMDR, trauma-focused CBT or cognitive processing therapy.

As well as trauma-related presentations, we frequently work with adjustment to civilian life and other mental health issues. With substantial previous experience of working in a dedicated PTSD team with ex-military clients, we have specialist knowledge of military context and commonly faced issues. Contact us today to discuss your therapy requirements.

We also can provide diagnosis and treatment reports for the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, usually referred to us through your solicitor.

We are registered with Walking with the Wounded.

Issues we work with include:

  • PTSD/Post traumatic stress
  • Adjustment issues / Adjustment Disorder
  • Coping with physical injury / health problems
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Depression
  • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties
  • Sleep related difficulties (Dr Wilson is trained in CBT-I, a specialist approach for working with sleep problems)